Discover the Beauty and Subtlety of Handwoven Fabrics

We welcome collaborations with designers and organisationswho wish to produce hand woven fabrics; who wish to differentiate their collections by creating and developing their own unique base fabrics. We welcome any person or organisation with an interest in sustainable business models and a passion for handloom fabrics and fashion. Five P can realize your creations for your clients.

Why choose Five P?

  • Five P is a pioneering handloom weaving initiative with an international standard facility capable of satisfying the requirements of national and international designers
  • Five P handwoven fabrics have a unique, timeless appeal which supports and continues our local, traditional, hand weaving skills.
  • Every fabric we produce is woven by weavers from the village of Chennimalai on our newly built, eco-friendly site.
  • We provide a safe, friendly and healthy environment where we value the work of our weavers, supporting them with a range of amenities.
  • Here at Five P, we believe in creating a sustainable business model that will revitalize and regenerate the handloom weaving community – not just for today or tomorrow – but for all future generations.
  • We believe in placing design at the centre of our business.
  • Through design, we can co-create fabrics which are relevant for today’s client and thereby achieve a sustainable solution.

Who we are looking for

  • Fashion and Textile Designers who would love to see their designs translated into hand woven fabrics
  • Designers who are keen to support our heritage of hand loom weaving
  • Designers who wish to use organic yarns and eco-friendly processes
  • Design Houses who seek to have their designs made in handwoven fabrics

What we offer

  • Hand woven fabrics in any yarn, colour or pattern specification
  • On site production from start to finished fabric or garment
  • On site technical expertise to oversee every aspect of your design
  • Eco-friendly processes
  • Organic yarns
  • Efficient communication every step of the way
  • Clear labeling and packaging on all finished products

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