The Chennimalai Pilot started during the latter half of 2011 with a study that was commissioned by URC Construction, the chief patron of this project. The study was aimed at understanding the ground realities and the types of interventions that will have to be considered to help the ancestral skills of Chennimalai regain their lost glory as a major center for high quality jacquard fabrics, bed linen and towels. The study gave some insights on the challenges likely to be faced given the issues faced by the artisans of Chennimalai, but that did not deter the promoters from acting on the recommendations that study came up with to turn things around for the artisans of Chennimalai. (The study was conducted by Hydra Consulting Services Private Ltd)

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The Study of the Cluster The Study of the Cluster

Design Intervention – A case studyDesign Intervention – A case study