Why Five P?

What distinguishes Five P from other textile suppliers?

The idea of Five P is not to be private and exclusive; it is rather to be public and inclusive. It is designed to support proliferation of its ideas across a larger audience that are passionate about their heritage skills and put back the pride and dignity in place

We use the principle of “complementing partnerships” instead of “competitive aggressions” to achieve economic growth and social progress for the community it serves.

Flexible MOQs

We welcome and are open to work with clients who want to source small batches of fine fabrics or finished products from us.

Technical Expertise

Our in-house technical team has the know-how and nuances to understand the needs of the client and develop new fabrics. With continuous and R&D a whole range of fabrics and products have been created already which the clients have access to. The following technical interventions have been reseached and developed:

Global Outreach

Our current clientele is spread across Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom and USA. The onset of the sustainable fashion movement is allowing us to spread our wings worldwide.


We’re happy and ready to work on custom projects as per your specifications.We work with different fibers, dyeing techniques, constructions, counts, colours and compositions.

Sustainable Fabrics

All our products are made in green facilities using natural-fibres that cause the planet no harm.


Harnessing years of practicing their craft in Chennimalai, our highly skilled indigenous artisans weave fabrics and garments to perfection.

Our fair trade policies

  • Employment is freely chosen

  • Free health insurance for all employees and direct dependents of the family

  • 10 days of paid holidays for festivals

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  • No child labour

  • Living wages are paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No descrimination is practised

  • Regular employment is provided

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Environmentally compliant

  • Have planted about 1000 trees around the loom studio

  • Entire power generation for the loom studio is solar generated

  • The loom studio is a green building certified facility which ensures natural airflow and sunlight


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